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A lot of people complain about the Muslims, the Middle East and everything associated with Evil . Be aware the Bible says we are in the last days and to shut these people down, you fight them on your own turf. How you might ask simple, anonymous letters of complaints, banning together to have them thrown out are just a few.

Everyone cries and complains, Hell even I do it from time to time but understand this. A Muslim or any other sort of evil will only flourish if you let it, so let’s examine a Muslim shall we.

1. They are born into a society that teaches they are the greatest and all others (Infidels) must die.
2. They get up every morning and masturbate sometimes in Public to relive themselves why you ask, good question when you find out you let me know.
3. They are taught that women are Inferior, really well don’t you have to have intercourse with women to make more of you.
4. They sew the woman’s clitoris together , then snip-it open when they get married.
5. They are taught that, the west is Evil, yet they dress up in our camouflage, buy our weapons and process bombs from our companies who are duped into selling to them. Ok Pop Quiz, you want to blow up a country, but your too stupid to think for yourself and can’t make your own bombs so you outsource the equipment and buy from people you hate. Answer: Duh Infuslim a Spin-off of Infidel.
6. Every-time someone in the West say’s let’s Burn the Koran the “Holy Book of Muslim law”. they panic, the White house says, you bad bad man you. the World gets on board and says Hell no don’t burn it Joe.
OK examine this, ready now, pay attention, they riot and burn stuff down in their own country, they kill their own people. Hell we don’t even have to fire one shot, waste one bullet the “MUSLIMS” do it to themselves. WoW What a revelation. (I know, I am making sense stop it Right ???)

So how do you stop an seemingly Unstoppable force.

Here are some suggestions, maybe this would help
1. The next time they want to setup a Mosque somewhere fine. charge them $ .80 on a dollar to build it. (Extortion you say, getting rid of them I say) .
2. They want to have a peaceful protest and show the world how friendly they are, Fine. charge them as follows.
1. Riot Fee 1 million (Damages and such)
2. Marching Fee $ 100,000 for every 5 miles they march non-refundable deposit of $ 500,000
3. Banner Fee $ 50,000 per banner per person per hour
4. Licensing fee for every person marching $ 10,000 a piece
5. They want to sell their ware’s in a flea market setting no problem
Booth Rental $ 10,000 per week (They make more than that in an hour killing Americans)
Toilet rental $ 20,000 per week
Equipment rental $ 20,000 per piece per week
Advertising $ 1,000,000 per month (They would otherwise use this money to kill innocent men, women and children .)

Then you go to Congress and start getting bills passed maybe,

Suggestion Bill: for the safety and welfare of our community who is knowingly aware of Muslims, Muslims must live outside a normal residential area and not have any interaction with known criminal elements, charity organizations or have access to Internet transmissions or satellite up-link or phone access to include cellular service of any kind. if they do, they are subject to a fine of $ 100,000 per family member including children and imprisonment in a military prison for up to 15 years not to exceed life.

Suggestion Bill: if you are of Muslim descent and pulled over for any traffic infarction, you vehicle is subject to automatic search of weapons, explosives and acidic compounds which may cause harm to others as well as the officer pulling you over. if you are found to be in possession of such compounds, you are subject to automatic arrest, fines of $ 100,000 per unit and automatic deportation back to your country of origin. the officer is authorized to use deadly force on any part or persons which is deemed a threat by the arresting officer.

Suggestion Bill: if you are of Muslim decent and use an acidic compound or explosive to attack, maim, injure or kill anyone who you deem is an Infidel then, you are subject to the death penalty automatically and without a trial as you are deemed a threat to national Security and will be treated as such. if you resist arrest the sentence of death can be carried out on scene to protect the lives of the Officer, his partner and surrounding neighborhoods, to include men, women and children.

Suggestion Bill: If you are of Muslim decent and are found to be laundering donation money to send back to your country of origin for purposes of terrorism and War then, you will be automatically arrested along with your family. you house will be foreclosed on within 24 hours and your possessions will be donated to local churches. you and your family member’s to include all relatives and children will be sent back to your country of origin automatically by the Immigration and Naturalization service within 24 hours of the offense.

See folk’s Bitch and complain all you want, here is an old saying I use constantly,

Those that don’t say anything do everything, those that complain do nothing.

Pass this on to your local Lawmakers, I’m sure the Federal Government will know about this blog by the end of the week.

God Bless America


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