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Police Officers, this is response to all your jackass Tactics and inabilities to stop crime. I am going to expose you and the organization for what it is. Money is the biggest motivator and the reason besides John Walsh you cannot and will not effectively fight crime. So let’s break down the money aspect of it.

Early on you money came from the city and tax dollars to help protect the citizens of your state. Then a little know law was passed allowing you to used “Seized” money for the departments own personal gambits. You essentially, willfully and knowingly became the “BITCH’S WHORE” to Drug Dealer’s Gun Runner’s, Smuggler’s and the Mob as well as organized crime; guess what Assholes you have been “Bought”. This is the main reason you do not want to stop crime. “Why BITE the hands that feed you” . Your fucking pathetic losers and you continue to live your life in Sin, Filth and Trash. Also the court programs fund your little ventures, let’s look at some shall we,

Probation here is a good one. The judge imposes however long it takes to how much money he needs basically, you stick a price tag on the convicted person and oh boy oh boy, let the money roll in.

Pre-trial release what a fucking joke. This only increases your wealth along with the Judge’s wealth and the prosecutor and defense attorney. Let’s face it , it’s a three way split between all of you who are lawyers and the Cop just finds them and hauls them in.

Deals made in the wind This is a Low down filthy “COP” trick. The motto is among all Police departments “Can’t get a conviction, make up a story that will” . All I can say to each and every one of you whom have done this, from me to you, your nothing but a filthy lowlife and lower than whale shit. You think you can go out and destroy people’s lives well you can’t.

Traffic Tickets Pattern the first week of the month and the last week of the month. Two weeks in between your clear. Yes, you Blithering Idiots are on quota. Also the traffic ticket goes to pay for your whore, your wife, your sons and daughters little low life friends. Or if you’re a really dirty cop, your friend’s and your family’s friends Drug habit.

Property Seizures of Drugs, Narcotics, Weapons, Explosives, Money. In the good world, it is supposed to go back to the property room, then sent to the DEA, ATF, FBI to be destroyed. (Yeah sounds good).

The real world it goes like this:

Drugs: 75% to the property room 25% goes for a walk (To sell, buy, or goof off with).

Narcotics: 75% to the property room 25% goes for a walk (To sell, buy, or goof off with).

Weapons: unless they are marked or initially tagged they walk off in the backs of trunks and are sold to weapons dealers. (Certain parts of Florida are famous for this).

Explosives: to include fireworks and recreational explosives. Depending on the size as seeing most of them fly under the radar walk very quickly and are sold twice as fast.

Money: here is the big Question, how much walks and how much goes for. Well, here is the dilemma it depends on how much it is. Anything under a million is the same rule as Drugs and Narcotics. Anything over a million requires a higher authority who determines what goes where.

For instance: In today’s headlines over 1.5 million was seized in a drug bust. Okay, 3 million was actually the number found. But only 1.5 made it back and the other 1.5 was whisped away.
Ever wonder such as the case was in North Florida that a lt. was able to afford a helicopter, limo, 6 bedroom 4 bath house and three new cars. (Ah, to be a police officer) .

Now you can Bitch and complain all you want. Your actions are well known and you will get stopped. So the next time your lazy asses decide to bitch, try taking down your fellow officers instead. They are the reason your “Shit Doesn’t Work” .

John Walsh Such an interesting fellow. a fuck up for a father who got his own son killed. Now every Cop and law Enforcement officer wants to be “JOHN WALSH” Super-cop, Destroyer of Evil Extraordinaire. Listen, JOHN WALSH is Nothing a Nobody. he makes you Cops look like idiots. his programs are fruitless and his actions are rhetorical at best. thanks to him, all hell broke loose and now no one wants new recruits because they know full well, JOHN WALSH has influenced them and their actions right out of school . Listen Officers, this man is a tired old fool and when he meets Adam Walsh in Heaven I hope the kid kicks him in the nuts for letting him down, when his son needed him the most. Children always travel in two’s, that’s the Rule. John let Adam loose on his own and the reason why he died, plain and simple. stop letting his anger and hurt influence your actions. Most central Florida police departments have an introduction video on what the “REAL DEAL” is. Not pansy John Walsh running around in a Borrowed jumpsuit playing “GOD” .


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